Care Sheet

What do I need for my pet bearded dragon?
You want a bearded dragon and want to make sure it receives proper care. To do this you must have everything needed before you bring your new pet home. Below is a list of all the items to keep your new dragon happy and healthy.


A large aquarium or terrarium with a screened top. Get as big a cage as possible.

A combination light fixture that supports fluorescent and incandescent lights.

A UVB fluorescent bulb. A good choice is the ZooMed Reptisun 5.0 fluorescent bulb.

A daylight bulb or heat emitter.

An under tank heat pad.

Substrate for the bottom of the tank.

A hiding area for your bearded dragon.

Rocks, branches, or logs for climbing and basking.

Food bowl, smooth insect bowl, and a water dish.

Any additional decorations, backgrounds, or artificial plants to make the habitat look more natural.

Insects, Vegetables & Supplements

Crickets, mealworms or superworms that have been gut loaded.

Frozen mixed vegetables: beans, carrots, peas.

Fresh vegetables: carrots, mustard, collared, dandelion greens, or kale.

Calcium & vitamin D3 supplement powder.

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