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Choosing the best bearded dragon
You should be able to find bearded dragon for sale that are of all ages. Although the most common will be babies.

Make sure the lizard is at least 6 weeks old. Find out if it is eating both insects and vegetables. Check and see that the eyes are wide open, the lizard is alert, appears fat and healthy, and has all its toes and claws.

Where can I buy a pet bearded dragon?
Bearded dragons are available almost everywhere due to extremely successful captive breeding. You can find a new lizard at a local pet store, reptile show, or through online breeders.

Pet Stores
Most pet stores will have a bearded dragon for sale. If not, they can usually special order one for you. The main drawback with pet stores is that you will not know where you lizard came from or how it was raised, fed, and caged.

Reptile Shows
Reptile shows are probably the best place to find a bearded dragon. There is usually a huge variety of lizards available with many color variations. You will be able to ask the dealer questions about the care and breeding of the dragon before you buy it. And as an added bonus, reptile shows tend to have the most competitive prices.

Getting a bearded dragon lizard through a mail-order or online breeder is another good choice. If you are looking for a particular type of dragon or coloration, you should be able to find it from one of the many breeders available. You will be able to ask questions about the animal before purchase.

There are a few drawbacks of using a breeder. You can’t personally inspect the bearded dragon before purchase. There is a chance of injury and illness from shipping. The animals are more expensive due to the additional cost of having the bearded dragon shipped.

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